Showering Baby Z

This past weekend we had the pleasure of attending the baby shower for one of our childhood friends, Monika and her husband Jakub. Her sisters and her mom threw her a surprise shower, and somehow she ended up actually being surprised. The theme of the shower was jungle animals and the decorations were super cute! The best part of the celebration (besides the actual beautiful mother-to-be) was wine served in baby bottles. Such a fun idea!! Enjoy the highlights from the event below. 


We finally got a chance to get together with our future sister Agnieszka (or Aga as we call her). There's a cute new place that opened up in Chicago earlier this year called The Hampton Social so we decided to check it out while the weather is still great. We absolutely looved the place!! It has a really cute east coast vibe and the brunch menu is amaaazing!!! We highly recommend this spot!

Taking Our Pooch to the Dog Beach

Nala LOOOVVVEED the dog beach so much! It was so awesome for her to just run around with all the other dogs. We went to the Montrose dog beach in Chicago. It was so cool because the whole beach area is gated off so your dogs are totally safe for your dogs to run around and make friends!. 

  1.  Go to the dog beach because there is so much room for your doggie to run around and play with other dogs.
  2. Remember to bring lots of water for your dog because it can get hot very fast and you don't want your dog drinking dirty lake water. 
  3. Bring some toys to throw around so your dog doesn't get too distracted with the other dogs.
  4. Having a watermelon or something for later is always nice because you will probably be just as tired as your dog. 
  5. Check the weather before you go so its not too cold!!



Experience of a Lifetime // World Youth Day 2016

The reason why we went to Poland this year was to experience World Youth Day in Cracow!

World Youth Day is a week every two or three year where teens and young adults come from all over the world to meet the Pope. The Pope actually doesn't arrive in the given country until Thursday. However, throughout the week pilgrims spend time in their designated parishes and sleep in homes of the parishioners. World Youth Day was started by Pope John Paul II, and ever since then they have been occurring all around the world. The last World Youth Day was in Rio de Janeiro and the one before that was in Madrid. 

The best thing about World Youth Day, aside from seeing the Pope, is meeting people from all over the world. We met youth from Iran, India, Brazil, Germany, and many other countries. Its unlike any other festival because everyone is always happy and kind. It was also an amazing experience because it was in Poland which made it easier because we knew the language, unlike in Rio where we couldn't say a word. It was also amazing to see how so many people from all over the world are so much like me and share the same excitement for faith. I wish it lasted  month!!

I would definitely recommend going for anyone. It is such an amazing experience that you will never forget. Hope to see you in Panama 2018!! 

How To: Fiesta Party // Adrian's Birthday

You don't need a party planner when you have three sisters like us! 

Yesterday our big brother turned 21! How crazy is that?! Of course we had to make a very memorable party. Right away we got to pinning fun ideas that would go along with our fiesta theme. One regret we have is that we made maracas out of rice krispies and pretzels but we forgot to take a picture!! However, I will link a recipe here. They where so easy to make and they looked so good! I will warn you that you have to let the rice krispie part cool before you start making the actual maracas. We didn't read through all the directions so we missed that step and couldn't get the rice krispies to roll into little balls.

Also, we had the cutest fruit table that was the idea of our future sister-in-law. The actual palm tree was made out of carved pineapples and a fake palm branches that we bought at Johann Fabrics. You can also get them at any craft store near you. Then we set that in the middle of a small circular table that was covered in aluminum foil and on that we placed a whole bunch of fruit. It was a really good idea and it's perfect for the summertime!

The next birthday we have coming up is Ania's! We'll see what fun adventures that'll bring!

~Dominika Wojowicz

Cherry Picking // Jollay Orchards

The time has come for the Wojtowicz family to go on their fruit picking escapades!!


We thought that since our sisters took our older brother, Adrian, to San Francisco for his 21st birthday, it would be fitting to go on a little adventure of our own. Every year we loveee going blueberry picking, strawberry picking, cherry picking, and basically any other fruit. Why you may ask? Well picking your own fruit has its benefits. It's very fresh and tastes so good, but more importantly its much more cost effective to pick fruit than buy your own, especially if your buying blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, or berries of that kind. Plus if you find good farms that happen to be organic its supppeer healthy for you. As a family we try to avoid GMO, or processed food and that's another reason why we would rather pick our own fruit. Also, in the summertime it's a quick and easy way to get your tan on! :)

We visited a farm called Jollay Orchards, in Coloma Michigan. It was really great because they have so much variety in the fruit they grow, so you can get alot of fruit without having to go to multiple farms. It's also a great place to take artsy pictures in between the trees haha. Also, they have this really cute tractor that drives out all over the orchard, unfortunately I didn't get a good shot of it. The only thing I would warn you about is that they don't let dogs in. I don't know if orchards usually let dogs in but this was our first year taking our dog Nala with us and they didn't let us in with her. We didn't really mind it all that much because one of us stayed with her near the car, but its defiantly something to keep in mind if your planing a visit. Please excuse my excessive action shots, they are all accredited to Damian Wojtowicz.

~ Dominika Wojtowicz


Get the look:

I was wearing a Forever 21 crinkled peplum tank, similar to the one found here. To pear with that I wore, distressed denim shorts from Old Navy like the ones found here, and my new Soludos found here.

Father's Day at the Chicago Botanic Gardens

This weekend we decided to take a family trip and spend Father's day at the Chicago Botanic Gardens. Originally we were thinking of biking there, which there's a nice bike path that leads there, but who were we kidding! :D It was such a great time and good way to spend time but also get away and enjoy the nature for a bit. The flowers there were soo amazing and we just couldn't help ourselves from taking pictures of every single kind. Hope you enjoy them as much as we did!! <3

~ xoxo VB Sisters