How To: Fiesta Party // Adrian's Birthday

You don't need a party planner when you have three sisters like us! 

Yesterday our big brother turned 21! How crazy is that?! Of course we had to make a very memorable party. Right away we got to pinning fun ideas that would go along with our fiesta theme. One regret we have is that we made maracas out of rice krispies and pretzels but we forgot to take a picture!! However, I will link a recipe here. They where so easy to make and they looked so good! I will warn you that you have to let the rice krispie part cool before you start making the actual maracas. We didn't read through all the directions so we missed that step and couldn't get the rice krispies to roll into little balls.

Also, we had the cutest fruit table that was the idea of our future sister-in-law. The actual palm tree was made out of carved pineapples and a fake palm branches that we bought at Johann Fabrics. You can also get them at any craft store near you. Then we set that in the middle of a small circular table that was covered in aluminum foil and on that we placed a whole bunch of fruit. It was a really good idea and it's perfect for the summertime!

The next birthday we have coming up is Ania's! We'll see what fun adventures that'll bring!

~Dominika Wojowicz