Experience of a Lifetime // World Youth Day 2016

The reason why we went to Poland this year was to experience World Youth Day in Cracow!

World Youth Day is a week every two or three year where teens and young adults come from all over the world to meet the Pope. The Pope actually doesn't arrive in the given country until Thursday. However, throughout the week pilgrims spend time in their designated parishes and sleep in homes of the parishioners. World Youth Day was started by Pope John Paul II, and ever since then they have been occurring all around the world. The last World Youth Day was in Rio de Janeiro and the one before that was in Madrid. 

The best thing about World Youth Day, aside from seeing the Pope, is meeting people from all over the world. We met youth from Iran, India, Brazil, Germany, and many other countries. Its unlike any other festival because everyone is always happy and kind. It was also an amazing experience because it was in Poland which made it easier because we knew the language, unlike in Rio where we couldn't say a word. It was also amazing to see how so many people from all over the world are so much like me and share the same excitement for faith. I wish it lasted  month!!

I would definitely recommend going for anyone. It is such an amazing experience that you will never forget. Hope to see you in Panama 2018!!