Taking Our Pooch to the Dog Beach

Nala LOOOVVVEED the dog beach so much! It was so awesome for her to just run around with all the other dogs. We went to the Montrose dog beach in Chicago. It was so cool because the whole beach area is gated off so your dogs are totally safe for your dogs to run around and make friends!. 

  1.  Go to the dog beach because there is so much room for your doggie to run around and play with other dogs.
  2. Remember to bring lots of water for your dog because it can get hot very fast and you don't want your dog drinking dirty lake water. 
  3. Bring some toys to throw around so your dog doesn't get too distracted with the other dogs.
  4. Having a watermelon or something for later is always nice because you will probably be just as tired as your dog. 
  5. Check the weather before you go so its not too cold!!