24 Hours In Warszawa, Poland

Warszawa is one of the most beautiful cities in Poland! Too bad we could only stay there for one day. :(

Warsaw is the capitol of Poland, so if you are planning on going to Poland anytime soon you will probably land in Warsaw, and you should sight see for at least a day! In my opinion you will probably get the most out of your visit if you go to the Old Town. Warsaw's Old Town is filled with beautiful architecture, amazing ice cream shops, and amazing picture spots. Most of the Old Town in Warsaw was rebuilt after World War II because of the damage, however it is still a UNESCO site because it was rebuilt as a replica of what had previously existed. 

We got to Warsaw early in the morning, so obviously the most important thing to do was to look for a good breakfast/brunch place. If this is your first time in Poland, the best breakfast food is "nalesniki" which are Poland's version of crepes. Also, I would recommend "gofry" which are waffles that are served with fruity sauces, fruits, and whipped cream. They are amazing!!!! And, in Poland you can buy them anywhere and at basically any time, which is awesome. However, we decided to go to one of the best/most popular pierogi restaurants, "Zapiecek". It is located right next to the town square so you cannot miss is. Plus, they make their pierogi fresh each morning! If your wondering what pierogi are, they are polish dumplings. My personal favorites are the potatoes ones and the blueberry ones but you can also get sweet cheese, meat, apples and other fillings. Zapiecek was a little bit more pricey but I think it was definitely worth it. The pierogi were really good quality and you didn't have to wait too long for your food. Plus, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Old Town while you wait and sip your coffee. 

Next, we continued on our mission to take awesome pictures. I swear, which ever street you take you can take so many beautiful pictures. So obviously, we stopped by the main square where we danced for a little bit with Colombians that came to Poland for WYD. Next, we wandered down the streets where we picked up some smoothies and ice cream. You can go inside the many historical sightings, like the castle and museums however we didn't because we just didn't have the time. But we did walk across the ruins of the old walls of Warsaw which was really cool. We also stopped by in several churches including St. Johns, which is so beautiful! Trust me you can wander around this city for several hours, and don't forget you have to try all the amazing food which takes a while haha. When we were starting to head back to the airport we stopped by the Tomb of the Unknown Solider which is dedicated to all the soldiers who fought for Poland. Every couple hours there is a guard change which was cool to see, as well as to pay our respects to our motherland. 

We really do hope that one day you will get the chance to come to Poland and see all the beautiful cities, especially Warsaw!