Grand Canyon (MDW - part 1)

Every year, we try to plan a quick get-away or mini trip during the long weekend. What better place to visit than some of America's beautiful national parks. A few of my girlfriends and I planned a trip to see the Grand Canyon. What was originally a Grand Canyon trip, quickly turned into a mini tour of a few National Parks (see part 2 & 3). 

We flew in and out of Vegas - which was only a 4 hr drive to the Grand Canyon and 2.5 hr drive from Zion. The first two days we spent in the Grand Canyon. We rented a small cottage in Williams (a small town outside the National Park area) via which worked out really well! We only had a little less than an hr drive to the park. The park its self his HUGE and you could probably spend over a week there. With our limited time, we decided to hike the Rim Trail the first day and the Bright Angel Trail the second day. The staff and rangers are extremely helpful and kind and gave us lots of suggestions/tips for the best way to spend our day there. If you are planning to head out to this park, I recommend definitely doing some research to see what type of hiking you want to do. We watched the Sunset the first day and then the Sunrise the second. There are a few pictures below - this was hands down one of the most amazing parts of the trip!